Jun 24 – 28, 2024
Centro Culturale Altinate - San Gaetano - Padova (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone

String Phenomenology 2024


The 23rd String Phenomenology conference is jointly organized by the Department of Physics and Astronomy "G. Galilei" of the University of Padua and the INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics. The event will take place at the Centro Culturale Altinate - San Gaetano of Padova, Italy.        

This annual conference discusses recent progress in string theory, with a particular emphasis on aspects relevant to the theory of fundamental interactions and its phenomenological implications for particle physics and cosmology. 

Plenary and parallel sessions cover the most impactful results recently presented by the community, which have unveiled new ideas and opened previously unexplored research lines. The main topics include:

  • Swampland and Quantum Gravity Criteria
  • String Model Building in Particle Physics and Cosmology
  • Physical and Geometrical Aspects of String Compactifications
  • Perturbative (Super)String and Non-Geometric Models
  • Machine Learning Techniques in the String Landscape
  • Generalized Symmetries in QFT and String Theory

Participation to this event is by registration only. The link to the registration page will become available on March 4, 2024 on the menu on the left. The registration page will include the possibility to propose a title and abstract for a parallel session talk, or a poster. 


Invited Speakers 

  • Steven Abel
  • Lara Anderson
  • Ralph Blumenhagen
  • Andreas P. Braun
  • Joseph Conlon
  • Clay Cordova
  • Niccolò Cribiori
  • Mirjam Cvetič
  • Giuseppe Dibitetto
  • Emilian Dudas
  • Anamaria Font
  • Marian Graña
  • Thomas Grimm
  • James Halverson
  • Arthur Hebecker
  • Jonathan J. Heckman
  • Manki Kim
  • Magdalena Larfors
  • Seung-Joo Lee
  • Jacob M. Leedom
  • Dieter Lüst
  • Anshuman Maharana
  • Fernando Marchesano
  • Liam McAllister
  • Jacob McNamara
  • Miguel Montero
  • Jakob Moritz
  • Susha Parameswaran
  • Francisco G. Pedro
  • Erik Plauschinn
  • Fernando Quevedo
  • Matthew Reece
  • Augusto Sagnotti
  • Andreas Schachner
  • Gary Shiu
  • Washington Taylor
  • Alessandro Tomasiello
  • Cumrun Vafa
  • Irene Valenzuela
  • Timo Weigand
  • Alexander Westphal 


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Talk

Marika Taylor


Scientific Committee   

Michele Cicoli (University of Bologna)     
Luca Martucci (University of Padua)       
Raffaele Savelli (University of Rome Tor Vergata)       
Roberto Valandro (University of Trieste)

Local Organizing Committee  

Fabio Apruzzi (University of Padua)       
Davide Cassani (INFN-Padova)        
Alessandra Gnecchi (INFN-Padova)       
Gianluca Inverso (INFN-Padova)       
Luca Martucci (University of Padua)       
Stefano Massai (University of Padua)


Pina Salente (INFN-Padova)       
Silvana Schiavo (University of Padua)        
Paola Zenere (University of Padua)

Conference Poster  










Centro Culturale Altinate - San Gaetano - Padova (Italy)
Via Altinate, 71, 35121 Padova PD, Italy
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