Sep 5 – 9, 2022
Park Hotel Villa Fiorita
Europe/Rome timezone

Solidarity to Ukraine

We all live with apprehension dramatic days, with news showing with cruel clarity how the use of indiscriminate force is replacing reason and democracy principles.

The PR’22 organizers and scientific board strongly condemn the vile invasion performed by Russia against Ukraine, an independent and sovereign country. The suffering of the Ukrainian people cannot be disregarded by our scientific community and we want to express our deepest solidarity with a nation who is now living in a tragic situation, where the basic principles of freedom and peace are violated by an armed attack from a foreign country. 

We all hope that this unacceptable behavior from Russia will stop immediately, and that the spirit of collaboration between nations and the respect of the fundamental civil rights which have marked the last decades could soon be restored. 


The PR'22 Organizing Committee