Sep 25 – 27, 2023
Palazzo del Monte di Pieta'
Europe/Rome timezone

The workshop aims to explore the latest developments in the evaluation of Feynman integrals and Scattering Amplitude by applying advanced computer algebra and mathematical methods. 


Recent studies connect Feynman Integrals and Scattering Amplitudes to concepts ranging from Differential and Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, Combinatorics and Statistics. Pfaffian Equations, D-module theory, Stoke's theorem, Morse theory, Global Residue Theorem, Systems of linear equations, Finite Fields, Groebner bases, Tropical Geometry, Intersection Theory, to name a few, inspired the development of novel algorithms and software that pushed forward the computational frontier of scattering amplitudes, Feynman integrals, along with Euler-Mellin integrals and GKZ systems. 


This initiative aims at bringing together mathematicians and theoretical physicists, interested in computational aspects of algebraic geometry and quantum field theory with the goal of proposing new, interdisciplinary research directions.


Confirmed Speakers

  • Souvik Bera  [IISc Bangalore]
  • Jacob Bourjaily [Pennsylvania University]
  • Ekta Chaubey [University of Bonn]
  • Seva Chestnov [University of Bologna]
  • Giulio Crisanti [University of Padova]
  • Giuseppe De Laurentis [PSI, Zurich]
  • Lance Dixon [SLAC]
  • Christoph Dlapa [DESY]
  • Matteo Fael [CERN]
  • Claudia Fevola [MPI-MiS]
  • Gaia Fontana [University of Zurich]
  • Federico Gasparotto [University of Mainz]
  • Gudrun Heinrich [ITP-KIT]
  • Martijn Hidding [Uppsala University]
  • Tobias Huber [Siegen University]
  • David Kosower [IPhT-Saclay]
  • Stefano Laporta [University of Bologna]
  • Xiao Liu [University of Oxford]
  • Yan-Qing Ma [Peking University]
  • Andrzej Pokraka [Brown University]
  • Simon Telen [MPI-MiS]
  • Felix Tellander [DESY]
  • William Torres Bobadilla [MPI, Munich]
  • Johann Usovitsch [CERN]
  • Andreas Von Manteuffel [Regensburg University]
  • Mao Zeng [University of Edinburgh]
  • Yang Zhang [USTC, China]
  • Simone Zoia [University of Torino]




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Palazzo del Monte di Pieta'
Piazza Duomo, 14, 35139, Padova
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Local Support
Giacomo Brunello - Henrik Munch


Marina Andreazzo - Pina Salente - Silvana Schiavo - Daniela Sofia - Paola Zenere

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