Astronomical and cosmological observations reveal that visible matter constitutes only a fraction of the total mass of the universe. Some form of dark matter, five times more abundant than ordinary matter, must exist. However, these observations tell us nothing about the origin and composition of this invisible constituent. None of the known particles is a viable candidate, and this firm empirical evidence leaves no doubt about the need for physics beyond the standard model.

Unveiling the mystery of dark matter will rely upon the synergy between investigations of nature at the largest and smallest length scales. 

In the last few years, the possibility that dark matter is light and belongs to a dark sector feebly interacting with the standard model fields has attracted substantial attention.  The PADUA workshop will gather world experts to review the state-of-the-art of light dark sector models and explore novel ideas to search for them.

The participation in the workshop includes coffee breaks and social dinner. No registration fee is required. Due to the room capacity of the workshop venue, the number of participants will be limited. 

The deadline to apply is July 9th, 2023.


  • Brian Batell (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Martin Bauer (Durham University)
  • Diego Blas (IFAE Barcelona)
  • Xiaoyong Chu (HEPHY Vienna)
  • Djuna Croon (Durham University)
  • Raffaele Tito D'Agnolo (IPhT Saclay)
  • Angelo Esposito (Sapienza University of Rome)
  • Joshua Foster (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Gordan Krnjaic (Fermilab and University of Chicago)
  • Christopher McCabe (King's College London)
  • Enrico Nardi (INFN LNF)
  • Elena Pinetti (University of Chicago and Fermilab)
  • Antonio D. Polosa (Sapienza University of Rome)
  • Adam Ritz (University of Victoria)
  • Pedro Schwaller (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
  • Bibhushan Shakya (DESY)
  • Andrea Tesi (INFN Florence)


  • Francesco D'Eramo
  • Luca Di Luzio
  • Antonio Masiero
  • Marco Peloso
  • Ennio Salvioni
  • Luca Vecchi


  • Pina Salente
  • Silvana Schiavo
  • Paola Zenere