May 31, 2022 to June 1, 2022
Palazzo della Salute, Padova (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone


Lunches are not included. Participants will have the opportunity to spend some time in town enjoying the food they prefer. Just to guide you here are some suggestions for lunches:

Nearby restaurants:

Osteria La Sofia: located in Via Gabelli 26 (close to the leaning Santa Sofia Church), it offers traditional and modern italian dishes at 8 - 20 euros per course.

Osteria Nane della Giulia: located in Via Santa Sofia 1. The restaurant interior is full of surprises, it offers typical italian food at 8-20 euros per course

La Gourmetteria: located in Via Zabarella 23. Modern italian food. 8-15 euros per course

Osteria dei Fabbri: serves typical italian food in a very nice location for 10-20 euros per course

Rossopomodoro: the pizza almost like in Naples.

Passando per Modena: enjoying a traditional lasagna with an amazing view on Prato della Valle square for 10-20 euros per course

Take away or easy:

All'Ombra della Piazza

Sugo: Pasta and...

Pastasuta: ... pasta again!

Dalla Zita: the best panino in town!

daPrette: a treasure chest

Do not forget the dessert:

In Italy even after a huge lunch there is space for the dessert and nothing is better than an ice-cream, here are some ice-cream shops of Padova:

La Romana, Ciokkolatte,GROM, Gnam Gnam, Giotto, Mami Gelato al Volo, Portogallo.