High Energy Theory Group Seminars

The Flavor of SU(6) Gauge-Higgs GUT

by Andreas Bally (Max Planck Institute Heidelberg)

Aula P2A (Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia - Edificio Paolotti)

Aula P2A

Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia - Edificio Paolotti


I present a gauge-Higgs grand unification setup that employs 5D warped space with a SU(6) bulk gauge field that includes both a SU(5) grand unified theory (GUT) and a Higgs sector as a scalar component of the 5D vector field, solving the hierarchy problem. By appropriately breaking the gauge symmetry on the boundaries of the extra dimension, the SM fermion spectrum is naturally reproduced. The Higgs potential is computed at one-loop, finding straightforward solutions with a realistic 𝑚ℎ=125 GeV. Some of the exotic particles in the model include a scalar leptoquark, a scalar singlet and the usual X and Y gauge bosons from SU(5) GUTs. Although the latter are very light, and are expected to mediate proton decay, this issue is solved by showing baryon number to be a hidden symmetry of the model. It is shown how the hierarchy in the CKM and the "anarchy" in the PMNS matrix is reproduced. Flavor constraints coming from FCNCs in the quark and lepton sectors are discussed.

Organized by

Luca Di Luzio