Padova Cosmology Seminars

An Uncooperative Universe: Large Scale anomalies in the Cosmic Microwave Background

by Prof. Glenn Starkman (Case Western Reserve University)

1/2-2 - Aula C (Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia - Edificio Marzolo)

1/2-2 - Aula C

Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia - Edificio Marzolo


We have long celebrated the great success of cosmology in predicting the observed properties of the Cosmic Microwave Background.  And yet, for over two decades there has been consistent and slowly mounting evidence that on large scales the Cosmic Microwave Background is anomalous.  The evidence is consistent from experiment to experiment and it implies the violation of statistical isotropy.  I will discuss this evidence, why it is so compelling, and where it may be pointing us.

Organized by

Stefano Anselmi, Nicola Bartolo, Daniele Bertacca, Stefano Dusini, Michele Liguori, Sabino Matarrese, Alvise Raccanelli, Alessandro Renzi, Angelo Ricciardone, Chiara Sirignano, Luca Stanco