Photorefractive Photonics and Beyond

Park Hotel Villa Fiorita

Park Hotel Villa Fiorita

Via Giovanni XXIII, 1 31050 Monastier di Treviso
Marco Bazzan (University of Padova and INFN), Cinzia Sada (University of Padova), Annamaria Zaltron (University of Padova)

Photorefractive Photonics and Beyond 2022 (PR'22) is the 18th international conference of a series of biennial meetings, started almost 35 years ago in Los Angeles (USA). This year the conference will take place for the first time in Italy, hosted by the University of Padova. PR'22 will be held from 5th to 9th September 2022, at the Park Hotel Villa Fiorita close to Treviso, a historic city in the north-east of Italy, in the same region of Venice, Verona and Padova.

Started as an international forum devoted to the study of photorefractivity and photorefractive materials, in recent editions the focus of the conference has been broadened to include other optical effects, materials and applications which somehow relate to this kind of phenomena.

Following this momentum, in this edition we aim to stimulate interactions between a wide range of research areas which, although seemingly distant, share several aspects either on the description of fundamental physics, on the basic phenomena besides light – matter interaction or on possible fabrication methods and applications, in order to foster cross-fertilization and stimulate new ways to exploit the light-driven phenomena which at a fundamental level trigger photorefractivity.

 The topics of this conference will include: 

  • Nonlinear light-matter interaction and applications: wave mixing, ultrafast processes, beam propagation dynamics, solitons, light beam interactions, frequency conversion (UV, VIS, IR, THz), optical limiting and modulation, self-organization and spatio-temporal dynamics, nonlinear plasmonics.

  • Photorefractive and hybrid materialsInorganic, organic and hybrid materials for photorefraction and nonlinear optics; crystals, liquid crystals, polymers, nonlinear fibers, gain media; organic semiconductors, perovskites.

  • Signal processing and photonics: Integrated optical devices, all-optical signal processing, data storage, analog computing, electro-optics.

  • Materials micro- and nano-engineering: Ferroelectric domain patterning, microfabrication techniques, waveguides, resonators, optofluidics, metasurfaces and metamaterials, thin films, quantum dots, diffraction gratings.

  • Holography, optical processing and imaging: Dynamic wavefront sensing, image processing, 3D imaging and displays, holographic techniques, photon-correlation techniques, photoacoustics, spatial light modulation, adaptive optics.

  • Fundamentals and novel applications of charge and exciton generation and transport: microscopic modelling, self-localized charge states, bulk photovoltaic effect and photoferroelectrics, water splitting, photocatalysis, droplet manipulation. 

  • Optical analogues of complex phenomena: Optical lattices, waveguide arrays, optical analogies of quantum effects and curved space-time phenomena, fundamental physics.

We believe that face-to-face events greatly contribute to share knowledge and strengthen collaborations, so this conference is meant to be primarily on-site. Anyway, remote participation will be also available.

The scientific contributions will be organized in invited talks, contributed talks and poster presentations. Also, participants will have the possibility to meet informally during conference breaks and social events.